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Select from a variety of alcohol hand sanitizer gel and antimicrobial alcohol wipes bundles. These water-less alternative hand disinfectants are perfect for individual and corporate use, and the best go-to hygiene product anytime, anywhere.

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All products are FDA registered and follow all recommended formulas and guidelines.

Klerzix ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer gel and alcohol based disinfecting wipes

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Perfect to keep your family, team members, and customers safe and healthy. A wide range of product sets and bundles are available for you to choose from.

Klerzix ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer gel and alcohol based disinfecting wipes

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All products are IN Stock and READY to SHIP from our warehouse in Los Angeles, CA. 

Klerzix ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer gel and alcohol based disinfecting wipes

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Product sets and bundles offer quantity discounts perfect for small business, individuals and homes. We also offer custom discounts for businesses who are looking for larger quantities. For large quantities, call us at 310-217-0027 or email


Klerzix ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer gel and alcohol based disinfecting wipes

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Tough on Germs, Gentle on Hands

A special formula that protects your hand and takes care of your skin. 


klerzix 16.9 oz hand sanitizer alcohol hand disinfectant

Safe to use on Hands & Surfaces

Contains double chain Quaternary ammonium salt that kills 99.9% of germs.


Disinfectant Wipes

Keep your home or business facility clean and safe with our disinfectant wipes. Also known as antibacterial wipes, these wipes are pre-moistened towels made from polywoven cloth. They contain a disinfecting formula to make disinfection of surfaces quick and easy.

Disinfectant wipes offer an easy one-step way to disinfect surfaces. You only need to pull a wipe out of their container and wipe the surface. Disposing used wipes is also easy. Simply throw the used wipe in the trash.

Our wipes contain FDA-approved disinfecting solutions. The formulation kills germs on surfaces on which the wipes are applied. Our wipes are effective and safe for use in disinfecting hands and non-porous surfaces. They are an effective, quick and easy way to disinfect your hands and contaminated surfaces when water and soap are not readily available, for example, when seated at your desk in the office. They are also a great way to enhance your cleaning routine and ensure surfaces are free of bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms.

Disinfectant wipes are especially beneficial for disinfecting and sanitizing:

Your Hands

Give your hands a quick wipe before touching your face or after coming into contact with contaminated surfaces to kill germs. Antibacterial wipes will help to protect you from getting infected or spreading germs that can cause flus, colds or other common ailments.

High-contact Surfaces

Prevent the spread of infections by killing germs on high-contact surfaces. Use disinfectant wipes to disinfect light switches, tables and even your smartphone. Wipes make sanitizing quick and easy for areas that are frequently touched and could easily become hot spots for the spread of disease-causing microorganisms.

• Bathrooms

Reduce the risk of cross-contamination by using disinfectant wipes to sanitize surfaces in your bathroom. Wipes make sanitizing bathroom surfaces quick and easy. Keep them handy as an add-on to your cleaning routine or to sanitize surfaces before you use the bathroom at home, at work or when out and about.

• Food prep

Use disinfectant wipes to sanitize food prep surfaces. Prevent cross-contamination before or after preparing food and eliminate the need to keep cleaning dirty cloths. Use antibacterial wipes to clean dining tables at home or when dining out to prevent contamination of food.

Buy disinfectant wipes in stock

Whether you want to keep your hands germ-free or are looking for a quick and easy way to disinfect the surfaces in your home, you’ll find that disinfectant wipes are the best way to go. Shop our disinfectant wipes in stock to discover disinfectant wipes that you can use on both your hands and surfaces. The disinfectant wipes are packaged in a resealable plastic pouch for easy access as well as to maintain hygiene.

Keep safe and order our disinfectant wipes in stock for delivery and enjoy contact-free delivery of your disinfectant wipes to your doorstep. Put a stop to the spread of microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria that are responsible for causing illnesses such as the common cold and the flu. Use the disinfectant wipes as an effective alternative to waterless sanitizing of hands and surfaces to prevent cross-contamination of surfaces.

Choose from our bundle options of disinfectant wipes in stock online to stock up on disinfectant wipes and be sure you have an effective and easy way to keep your hands and the surfaces you come into contact with germ-free for a long time to come.

Disinfectant wipes for travel

Staying home where you have control over your environment isn’t an option for everyone. Whether you need to work outside the home, have errands to run or just like being out and about, you can stay safe with our disinfectant wipes.

Our disinfectant wipes travel packs feature 50 antibacterial wipes in a resealable plastic pouch. This small-size pack is easy to fit in a small bag. Carry it with you without worrying about leaks or spills. These disposable wipes offer a quick and convenient way to disinfect airplane seats, toilet seats, luggage, eating surfaces, your phone and any other surface you come into contact with. These wipes will put the control of your environment back into your hands.

Buy antibacterial wipes for hands

Protect your household, employees or customers with antibacterial wipes for hands. Antibacterial wipes are perfect for disinfecting hands when soap and running water are not readily available. These wipes provide a quick and effective way to keep your hands germ-free and avoid spreading of infectious agents such as bacteria and viruses.

Antibacterial wipes for hands contain an antibacterial formulation that is effective at killing bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms. Wipes are considered more effective than gels because they also help remove dirt, grime and other surface contaminants from the hands.

Our antibacterial wipes for hands also contain moisturizing agents to prevent your skin from drying out. These wipes are a must-have to keep your hands germ-free when out and about. They are also an effective and convenient hand sanitizing agent for work environments. Buy a travel pack to carry with you wherever you go or a large pack for food prep areas, office meeting rooms, restrooms, receptions and high-traffic areas.

Buy disinfectant wipes in bulk

Disinfectant wipes offer an easy and effective way to get rid of dirt while killing microbes that pose a health risk. Ensure you always have these essential supplies in stock by shopping our disinfectant wipes bulk packages.

Our disinfectant wipes are suitable for disinfecting both hands and non-porous surfaces. Keep wipes handy in high-traffic areas such as bathrooms, meeting rooms and reception areas to keep both your employees and customers safe. These wipes provide an easy and convenient way to keep hands germ-free and prevent the spread of infectious agents such as bacteria and viruses.

Stock up with our disinfectant wipes bulk packages to ensure your employees have wipes handy for disinfecting surfaces throughout the work environment. Prevent cross-contamination by using our single-use wipes to disinfect surfaces and dispose them after use. You and your employees will have peace of mind of knowing you have an effective way to actively prevent cross-contamination.