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10 Best Things To Use Disinfectant Wipes For Travel On

There’s never a good time to get sick, but it’s incredibly inconvenient when you’re on the go, which is why disinfectant wipes for travel are here to save the day. No matter where you are, it’s considered best practice to sanitize your area, especially during current times.  Under the bed, in-between the buttons on the TV remote, embedded in the carpet, and even all over the light switches are some of the often-forgotten places that are more at risk for germs and cooties.

Everyone knows that frequently washing your hands is your best defense, but what about the places where a sink and soap aren’t available? And, are you ready to trust that your sanitized hotel room has been cleaned to the highest standards?

The next time you plan to hit the road, you’re the best bet is to stock up on sanitizing supplies. Especially in a year like 2020, you never know what viruses are lingering in unsuspecting places. So, don’t forget to add disinfectant wipes to your packing list. Here are the best ways to use them on your next trip.

Airplane Armrests and Folding Trays

Klerzix disinfectant wipes for sanitizing airplane arm chairs & folding tray.

One of the first things on this list subject to tons of grubby hands is those nice little folding trays in front of every airplane seat. While many airlines are committed to disinfecting planes after each flight, it still doesn’t hurt to cover the grounds yourself. You never know if a tray got missed in the sanitation process. A small action like this is one of the best uses for disinfectant wipes during travel.

Sanitizing The Little Things In Your Hotel Room

Klerzix alcohol wipes hand and surface disinfectant

Phew. You’ve landed and finally got to a room where you can dump your luggage on the floor, kick off your shoes, and take a nap. However, before you get too comfy, it’s probably a smart idea to wipe everything down with your disinfectant wipes. That includes the knobs on the faucet of the sink, the light switches, the TV remote, and the little work table with a professional-looking lamp and phone guide for the city you’re traveling to. You may even want to give the Bible stashed in your bottom drawer a wipe down too because you just never know.

Doorknobs and Handles

Klerzix sanitizing wipes great for disinfecting door knobs and keys

Disinfectant wipes were made for doorknobs and handles, or one would think. Nothing gets touched more in public places than a door handle, making them prime locations for bacteria and viruses to settle in. Carrying a set of wipes in your bag or purse is an excellent idea because you have no idea how many doors you’re going to have to open and close. Some areas get so many visitors that it would be impossible to sanitize between every person.

Public Toilet Seats

klerzix disinfectant wipes in stock

Disinfectant wipes for travel purposes don’t exclude public toilets, whether you’re in the airport or grabbing fast food at the restaurant outside your hotel. Those frustrating paper liners are a thing of the past. It might just save you time and irritation to give the seat and flushing handle a quick mop down with a disinfectant wipe instead.

Sitting Areas in Airports and Other Public Places

That empty seat at the airport looks inviting, doesn’t it? Especially when you have three bags and a couple of kids to wrangle on your trip. Due to the frequent use of these chairs in airport terminals, it’s only appropriate to wipe them down before you and your family use them. In most cases, these chairs are either plastic or pleather, so a disinfectant wipe is perfect for the job. Steer clear of fabric chairs when possible. Wipes don’t work on those, and adding dampness to cloth chairs is just a breeding ground for more germs.

Taxis, Trains & Automobiles

All public transportation should be contenders for getting a disinfectant wipe on your travels. Bus handles, taxi doors, taxi seats, and even your rental car’s steering wheel and shift stick are things that should be cleaned before being handled. Even though many cities and companies have sanitizing mandates, it never hurts to be extra careful.

Elevator Buttons & Rails

Often forgotten are elevator buttons and rails, especially when you’re the only one taking a ride up or down. One can only imagine how many different times those buttons have been pressed after a sneeze or a cough, so taking a few seconds to give it a good wipe down is in your best interest.

Q & A

Can I Use a Disinfectant Wipe More Than Once?

No. You should use only one disinfectant wipe per surface. Doing this prevents spreading germs from place to place and ensures that whatever you’re cleaning stays wet long enough for the product to work and kill the undesirables. It’s been said that surfaces need to have the product on them for at least three minutes to perform effectively.

Where’s the Best Place to Store My Disinfectant Wipes for Travel?

Anywhere that’s handy and easily accessible! If you carry a backpack or purse on your trip, bring some disinfectant wipes for traveling convenience and safety. You never know when you’ll come across a surface that needs sanitizing, so keep your wipes in your in a place that they can be grabbed in a pinch.

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