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How to Protect Your Customers and Employees from Flu and Cold Viruses

Millions of people are infected by the flu around the country every year. The average person can have the common cold 3 times a year. Many people suffer from this infection more frequently. This includes your employees, customers and other people that visit your business. Understanding how the viruses that cause the flu and common cold spread will help you ensure your facility is a clean and safe place to work and visit. This will in turn reduce the impact of these infections on your revenue.

How flu and cold viruses can impact your business

 The impact of infections by these viruses on your business largely depends on who gets sick. When employees get sick, it could result in the slowing down or complete standstill in operations depending on how your business operates and the tasks that the sick employee is responsible for. Slowing down or halting operations can in turn result in loss of revenue or sales opportunities.

Customers getting sick could have an impact on sales. Not only will your customers be too sick to purchase services or products from you, but they may also share negative reviews of your business, which can put off potential customers.

These viruses, without a doubt, ought to be considered the enemy. Preventing their spread should therefore be a top priority for any business. Protecting your employees, customers and other stakeholders is vital for the success of your business.

How to prevent the spread of cold and flu viruses in your facility

  1. Clean, sanitize and disinfect surface frequently

One of the most common ways in which flu and cold viruses spread is through contact with contaminated surfaces. When someone who is infected sneezes or coughs without covering their mouth, the droplets in the air containing the viruses settle on surfaces in the room. The germs multiply on these surfaces. Many of them can survive for days. This puts anyone that comes into contact with these surfaces at risk.

The best way to stop cold and flu viruses from spreading is by cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces frequently. Clean surfaces to get rid of grime and dirt before using a disinfectant wipe to kill germs.

  1. Pay even more attention to small high-touch surfaces


Many businesses focus on cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting places such as bathrooms and lobbies. However, there are smaller spaces in business facilities that present an even higher risk of infection. Office keyboards, light switches, door handles, office phones, water dispensers and copy machines present a high risk of infection as they are high-touch surfaces.

Put more effort into disinfecting those small high-touch surfaces that are often overlooked. This should be done more frequently to reduce the risk of the spread of infectious agents.

  1. Communicate


Another great way to make your facility safe is by communicating the need to practice good hygiene to your employees and customers. This could be through signs and other reminders. Many people know that they should wash their hands or sanitize them. However, not many have made this a habit. Placing reminders that are visible to employees and anyone else visiting your facility will encourage good habits.

Apply the tips above to make your facility a safe place for your employees and customers. You will not only be protecting them but also your business.


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