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Is Your Office Clean? Top Contaminated Surfaces in Workplaces

Just because a surface looks clean doesn’t mean that it is free of germs. Cleaning surfaces in the workspace isn’t enough to ensure a healthy environment for your employees. You’ll need to sanitize and disinfect surfaces to kill germs and prevent the spread of infections.

There are surfaces in workspaces that require closer attention when it comes to disinfecting. These include:

  1. Office desks

Employees spend an average of 40 hours a week at work. For employees with desk jobs, their workstations are their home away from home. If their desks are contaminated, it will place them at risk of becoming ill and missing work.

Research shows that the average office desk can be home to over 10 million bacteria. This is 400 times more than the germs present on the average toilet seat. Sanitizing and disinfecting office desks is therefore vital for the health of your workforce.

  1. Computer keyboards and mice

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Computers are central to many tasks in the office. Most employees spend a great deal of time using computer keyboards and mice to carry out tasks such as sending emails, generating reports and much more. Touching these devices with contaminated hands is a sure way to spread infectious agents in the workspace.

Many people take the time to disinfect their desks but forget to disinfect their keyboards and mice. However, these high-contact surfaces present an even greater risk of contamination than the desk. Wiping down keyboards and mice with disinfectant wipes frequently can help to curb the spread of infections.

  1. Door handles

Door handles range from the handles on the doors in the building to those on doors of refrigerators, microwaves and other appliances. Door handles are frequently contaminated by people that touch them with dirty hands.

It is important to disinfect door handles frequently. These high-contact surfaces can be the source of infections that can affect a good number of your employees and clients.

  1. Hands

Many surfaces in the workplace become contaminated as a result of people touching them with dirty hands. Research shows that up to 95 percent of people do not wash their hands properly. People also transfer germs from one surface to another when they touch a contaminated surface. Hands are therefore one of the biggest culprits when it comes to spreading infectious agents.

If you want to ensure the safety of your workspace, ensure that the hands of your employees and anyone visiting the facility are clean. Hand sanitizing is the first and best line of defense against the spread of infection. Place hand sanitizer in strategic locations. Post reminders of the importance of clean hands in places where employees and visitors can see.

  1. Phones

A lot of communication in offices is done via phone. Whether it is instant messaging, texting or phone calls, phones present a major risk to employees. Phones and headsets come into contact with hands and faces. These devices play host to all kinds of germs, putting your employees at risk.

Maintaining a clean environment is vital for the health and safety of your workforce. Sanitizing and disinfecting the surfaces outlined above will help to combat the spread of infections in the workplace and therefore keep your workforce healthy and productive.


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