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Where to Find Disinfectant Wipes in Stock in Winter of 2021

During this Covid-19 pandemic and of course with the flu season approaching, it has been a challenge to keep hands and surfaces clean.  If you are a mom or parent in general, you are also in charge of making sure that your children’s hands are clean.  And let’s not kid ourselves, that’s no easy task. Unfortunately, kids (and many adults) are not aware how they spread germs and viruses with their hands and how effective it is to prevent spread of flu and other respiratory diseases by washing hands.

We all know by now how easy it is for germs to spread through touching surfaces & air and by disinfecting them with a simple antibacterial wipe for hands, we can prevent the spread. Now with shortage of protective products such as hand sanitizer and people hoarding them, it can be difficult to find disinfectant wipes in stock these days that is also affordable.

There are several types of disinfectant wipes for sale online or in store shelves and figuring out which ones are best suited for your need is important. 

Recently, most consumers are only interested in wipes because they are effective in killing so called SARS-Cov-2 viruses. Let’s not forget that common cold and flu viruses or bacteria such as Staph or E. coli also spread through surfaces and hands.  EPA has issued a list of brands that have disinfectant wipes that are effective in killing these types of viruses.  Medical experts have said that 60% of more alcohol can kill the Covid-19 viruses as well and sure enough you cannot find alcohol anywhere these days.

There are of course studies that claim risk of Covid-19 transmission through surfaces are exaggerated and social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands are best way to avoid spread and contracting the virus.  But for abundance of caution we all believe it is best to clean and disinfect both surfaces and hands.   So, what are our options and choices in finding a suitable wipe?

A Quick Guide to Disinfectant Wipes in Market

There are four main types of disinfectant wipes, some work best for surfaces, some work best for your hands.

Klerzix Disinfectant Hand Wipes Safe on Skin

  1. Clorox or Lysol: These are popular brands, registered with EPA as disinfectant pesticides, effective in cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. They have Quaternary Ammonium compounds in high concentration. However, besides being scarce, these wipes are harsh on hands.
  2. Alcohol wipes: If you are looking at wipes that use alcohol as the active ingredient, then these are not for cleaning, but they can be used for disinfecting. People use these for their hands and surface, but after some time, you will notice that the alcohol will damage your skin! Not something you want to use on children’s hands.
  3. Non-alcohol antibacterial wipes: The active ingredient in these wipes is Benzalkonium Chloride. It is a Quaternary Ammonium in low concentration which is made for sanitizing hands. These wipes only kill bacteria (such as salmonella) and not that effective against viruses, such as the common cold, the flu, and COVID-19.

There’s a 4th type which is not publicized in the market and that would be our wipes.  Klerzix’s wipes is made by combining both Quaternary Ammonium salts and 75% proof medical-grade Alcohol, along with other ingredients to kills 99.9% of germs and viruses including Covid-19.  Our products have double chained Quaternary compounds (Benzalkonium Chloride and Didecyldimonium Chloride) and is safe to disinfect hands and non-porous surfaces. 

Klerzix Disinfectant alcohol Wipes

Now without further ado, here are list of places you can find disinfectant wipes:

Traditional Supermarket 

When walking into your local supermarket, although it is unlikely in this current pandemic, you may be able to find Clorox or Lysol wipes. Additionally, you may find pure alcohol wipes or non-alcoholic hand wipes, but it is highly unlikely to find something that you can use for both. The challenge with shopping during Covid19 pandemic is that you need to go early in morning to get chance of buying wipes or wait in line.  And if you have small children with you or have kids at home attending zoom class, well that would be hard to do.


Walgreens, CVS, your local or chain drugstore will most likely be carrying some form of a disinfectant wipe. Just like supermarkets, the issue you may run into with drug stores is that they might be out of stock.  They may have alcohol free wipes or pure alcohol wipes.  However, you may need to wait in line or show up early in morning to buy.

Wholesale Chains

Although the chances are low, like the traditional supermarket, at a Costco or Sam’s Club you might find Clorox or Lysol wipes. Despite this, the lines have been astronomical in recent months. Additionally, there are limits on how many you can purchase, and you may spend a few hours at the store.

Local Stores

Local marts and stores have seen their fair share of panicked customers rushing in to buy PPE products or other dry goods that they can store in their homes.  Stock is limited in local stores, and most stores limit the number of people due to social distancing guidelines. With shortage of products, these local mom and pop stores usually mark up the prices and usually do not carry too much stock due to lack of storage space.   

Business Supply Stores

Although it might be your last resort, business supply stores such as Office Max, do offer Clorox and Lysol wipes for purchase. Typically, they offer disinfectant products that are best for cleaning surfaces rather than hands. However just like other chained brick and mortar stores, they are usually out of stock and you may need to wait in line for a while. 

Major Online Retailers

What came as a shock to us all, was seeing Amazon sold out of many products. If you ordered from Amazon in the first half of 2020, you may have had your order delayed, or found what you wanted to be out of stock. A lot of sellers, mostly overseas sellers, started offering low quality disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizers at high prices.  The price gauging got so extreme that Amazon, eBay, and other less known eCommerce platforms started banning these products or control the offering.  But even now the most popular brands such as Clorox and Lysol are usually out of stock. There is still some price gauging with some sellers and most of these products on Amazon or eBay are alcohol wipes from secondary market brands. 

Direct to Consumer Online Brands

Because of the pandemic many companies started producing PPE products such as hand sanitizers & disinfectant wipes and marketed directly to consumers. With the shortage and lack of quality products, some companies like ours, rose to the challenge and began bringing disinfectant wipes to market that meet quality, convenience, and a better price.

Have Access to Disinfectant Wipes When You Need Them 

Now with flu season, and its similarity to Covid19, it is imperative to protect ourselves and our children by making sure everything we touch and of course our hands are clean.  We should wash our hands with soap and water regularly however if you are on the go and don’t have access to soap and water, it’s highly recommended to use hand sanitizers or wipes. 

Most people don’t want to carry both hand sanitizers and a bulky Clorox wipes in their bags or cars all the time.  So, you may ask yourself what you should do?  Well, we are here for you. 

KIerzix wipes are suitable for hands and disinfecting surfaces such as tables, seats, diaper changing tables, toys, phones, and any non-porous surface.  There are 50 durable wipes in each pouch, and you can put it in your cars and bags and take it everywhere.

Additionally, we pride ourselves by offering these wipes at affordable prices for everyone. You can get 4 or more packs at less than $5 a pack with free shipping. That’s similar or less expensive than what you find in Walmart or other major supermarket, not mention the convenience of getting them delivered to your door.

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